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Cutter Edge: The Agile Challenge in System Design

Posted January 13, 2016 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence


13 January 2016

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The Agile Challenge in System Design

by Jens Coldewey, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium


While Agile is pretty mainstream by now in Web and app development, it is still a major challenge in system design, where software plays only a part of the game, although that piece is steadily increasing. Whether we’re talking about manufacturers of cars, chips, or medical devices, they all need to respond to the increasing pace in the market. More...

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Maurizio Mancini, Senior Consultant

Maurizio is a leader in the QA and process industries with a sixth sense for QA, Agile, and business process. He recently joined the discussion of Agile frameworks in Agile Frameworks: Structure, Structure, Structure. Access his expertise in his upcoming webinar Why Built-in Quality Beats Tested-in Quality (and How to Achieve It).

Stat of the Week

Separate the problem from the solution in design thinking








Figure 1 —  The design thinking process can be divided
into activities for problem exploration and activities
for solution development.


Author Caroline Heerema had in-depth conversations on the design thinking process with interviewees from two companies. In these interviews, she uncovered two core mechanisms that are key to achieving an effective process with a successful outcome -- the first is the separation of activities that explore the problem from solution development tasks. More ...

*Excerpted from "Creativity in a Formula? A Peek Behind the Curtains of Design Thinking in Business," (Login RequiredBusiness Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Executive Report  Vol. 18, No. 9


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Creativity in a Formula? A Peek Behind the Curtains of Design Thinking

by Caroline Heerema

What can we learn from the ways in which professional designers work and think? ThisExecutive Report introduces some guiding principles for utilizing design thinking in business and builds on a case study of teams in two Danish companies.

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