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The Cutter Edge: What Customers Want, Measuring DevOps, New Rules of Business Strategy Webinar

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11 September 2018

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Three Questions to Consider when Interacting with Customers

What do your customers (who are used to dealing with Uber, Amazon, and Apple) expect from their interactions with your organization? They want to have a great experience. As a result, traditional organizations have no choice but to step up their game to stay relevant. More.

Measuring DevOps for Executives

DevOps is a very technical topic, created by techies, for techies. Like most things in IT today, it provides a philosophy for the humans, and a set of best practices for the toolset. So how do you measure the success of a DevOps initiative? More.

The New Rules of Digital Business Strategy Webinar (not your parents' business strategy!)

Join Cutter Fellow and Ivey Business School Professor Rob Austin on October 30 at 12pm as he outlines the new rules and new realities that you need to know to proof your business against disruption in a “hub" or “platform" economy. Learn more or register now!

Call for Papers: Riding the Next Wave of Cloud Computing

An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal will explore the factors associated with a cloud adoption initiative including influencers, benefits, challenges, training, implementation strategies, etc. Share your insight!

Improve the Customer Experience Journey in Your Organization! 

What strategies, technologies, and culture are necessary to improve and sustain customer satisfaction? Find out in this latest report, Transforming the Customer Experience. Available now in the Cutter bookstore!

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