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The Cutter Edge: Give Design Thinking a Thought

Posted August 1, 2017 in

1 August 2017

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Give Design Thinking a Thought!

Design thinking is gaining popularity among managers as a means to spurring creativity in innovation and problem solving. With design thinking, multidisciplinary teams work visually to see through the complexity of their projects ... More.

Stop the Slowdown in Customer Responsiveness

by John Heintz, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

According to Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant John Heintz, "If the cost of change in our systems goes up, then at some point we become less responsive, and we slow down." This is where technical debt comes in ... More.

The Robots are Here: Keys to RPA Success!

Benefit from the experience of eight early service automation adopters through the RPA and CA case studies outlined in this report. Learn how automation was implemented, benefits realized, and more. Order now and save 25% with coupon code SSA25!

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