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Cutter offers a variety of live and online events where you can engage with Cutter consultants. From webinars to Q&A sessions, peer-to-peer events, and conferences worldwide, we invite you to join the conversation today!

Virtual Experience

Summit 2021: Adaptable Leadership (A Virtual Experience)


In this 4-hour virtual experience, you’ll discover — via case studies, analysis, anecdotes, and conversations with your peers from around the globe — how leaders are adapting more quickly than they ever imagined; the lessons they’ve learned in the last few years; why and how organizations intend — or don’t intend — to build them into the fabric of the organization; and what all this means for how you lead in the future.


AI as a Platform for New Products Bootcamp


Prof. Darren Meister will help you understand how to achieve balance between incremental and radical innovation, and how product developers can integrate AI into product development and innovation while avoiding the tunnel vision than can sometimes result from relying on AI.


How Business Architecture Can Help Define Data Architecture


In this webinar, William Ulrich will show you how you can define and validate your organization’s data architecture to inform data transformation requirements, and provide a foundation for IT investments.


Summit 2022: Taming Exponential Challenges


In 2 days, you’ll discover how to future-proof your organization to succeed with the explosion of initiatives that compete for attention, talent, and market share.