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Cutter Edge: Grandiose Transformation

The Cutter Edge
Posted January 26, 2016 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies


26 January 2016

Welcome to The Cutter Edge. In each free issue, you'll find research, insight, and advice crucial to helping you navigate the spectrum of challenges technology change brings.

New from The Cutter Edge 

Grandiose Transformation

by Steve Andriole, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

Digital transformation (DT) is aspirational. Everyone wants to transform their business, and every business person who's alive knows that transformation now primarily depends upon leveraging the right digital technology at the right time on the right processes and business models at the right cost. More...

Spotlight on Cutter Experts

Sheila Cox, Senior Consultant

Sheila Q. Cox is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice. She helps organizations build their only sustainable competitive advantage -- their leaders and their culture. Ms. Cox is highly valued for her expertise in guiding organizational change that crosses functional, national, and cultural boundaries. Access her expertise in her upcoming webinar The Human Side of Digital Transformation.

Stat of the Week

The IoT Practice with the Greatest Promise


Figure 1 —  Which categories of IoT-connected products/solutions
hold the most importance or promise for your organization or business?

The IoT applications and devices that organizations are currently most interested in are wearable devices like smartwatches (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, etc.), activity/fitness trackers (Fitbit, Misfit, etc.), and smart badges (for location tracking and security), according to a recent study by Cutter Consortium.  More ...

Excerpted from Hall, Curt. "The Internet of Things: Part IV: The Most Promising Connected Devices and Applications " (Login Required)  Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Executive Update Vol. 15, No. 23.

Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Future

Consider all the issues in your organization's journey towards digital transformation. Order this report now! Cutter members read the report here.

Popular Research

Cognitive Computing

by Paul Harmon, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Today we are witnessing a new round of interest in AI and knowledge-based computing that is currently being called cognitive computing. This new round of commercial AI is based on the hugely more powerful computing platforms we have available today. 

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Cutter IT Journal Call for Papers

Technical Debt: The Continued Burden On Software Innovation

Guest Editor, Tom Grant, Agile Practice Director, Cutter Consortium

Technical debt is like the family secret that no one wants to talk about. Everyone knows that it exists, it’s awful, and it makes life miserable for everyone affected by it. However, people are often unable or unwilling to confront it.

Have something to say on this important topic? Contribute an article to Cutter IT JournalMore ... 

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