Cutter Edge: The Pride Tax: Discussing the Undiscussable

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Cutter Edge: The Pride Tax: Discussing the Undiscussable

The Cutter Edge
Posted November 29, 2016 in

29 November 2016

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The Pride Tax: Discussing the Undiscussable

by Vince Kellen, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

What is the pride tax? It is the amount of money organizations overpay for bad technology decisions. The pride tax takes many forms: runaway enterprise systems projects that persist because leaders don’t want to admit mistakes ... More.

IBM’s Watson: Advancing Oncology with Evidence-Based Medicine

by Curt Hall, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

After feeding Watson more than 600,000 pieces of medical evidence and 2 million pages of text from 42 medical journals and clinical trials from oncology research, Watson can now sift through 1.5 million patient records and generate evidence-based treatment options for physicians in seconds ... More.

Digital transformation isn’t about technology ...

with Karim Lakhani, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

It’s about strategy, economics and internal change. Cutter’s Digital Innovation & Transformation Bootcamp is designed to get a team thinking analytically and strategically about how its industry is changing. Space is limited. Find out more or register today!

Maximize your Investment in Big Data with Lean Thinking

with Steve Bell, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Join our webinar on January 11, 2017, 12:00pm ET, as Steve Bell and Karen Whitley demonstrate how you can combine Big Data Analytics with a Lean approach to optimize decision making - register now!

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