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19 June 2018

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Making Processes Lean Isn’t Lean Enough!

The real “lean” in the Lean world will manifest only when an organization’s focus is on the development of the whole organizational system, ensuring its capability to meet uncertainty, unpredictability, and be adaptable.More.

AI Banking Initiatives in India

India is paving the way in enhancing the customer banking experience with its innovative use of AI applications such as real-time feedback solutions, chat assistants, robotic process automation (RPA), and NLP apps. More.

New Webinar: 3 Ways to Waste Money on AWS ...

Join us on September 5 and discover the 3 things you should avoid when leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). You'll also learn how to truly harvest the power of the cloud and its cost-saving promises. Register now!

Call for Papers: The Critical Need for Data Governance

How can we gain control over our data and mitigate the risks to our organizations? Accepting article ideas for publication in Cutter Business Technology Journal!

Considering a digital transformation? Take a listen before jumping in! 

Those cool lists of transformative technologies are only useful if you've done three other (big) things first! Determine if you have the right methods, skills, and support for a digital transformation. Listen now!


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