The Cutter Edge: When Architecture Disappears, the Enterprise Thrives

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The Cutter Edge: When Architecture Disappears, the Enterprise Thrives

The Cutter Edge
Posted May 17, 2016 in


17 May 2016

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When Architecture Disappears, the Enterprise Thrives

by Balaji Prasad, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

While the architecture of the Web is simple and elegant, aesthetics is not really what we are after. It is the value that we realize from architecture that matters. More...

 Can't we all just get along?

FinTech Startups vs. Banks in 2016: Competition or Cooperation?

by Ellie Martin

FinTech startups are sprouting up nearly every week causing a disruption in the financial game in a major way. Not surprising, the banks are not happy with this and are starting to call for increased regulation of FinTech startups. More ...

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The Industrial Internet: The Opportunities ... and the Roadblocks

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