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Nine Key Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs, When Good Data Goes Bad, more.

Posted November 2, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
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2 November 2021

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Embracing the Values & Practices of Steve Jobs

Though 10 years have passed since Steve Jobs's death, we’re still living in his world. Discover the values and practices that will help you create your own meaningful and lasting legacy in nine key lessons learned by Jobs ... More!

Fake vs Fact

When Good Data Goes Bad, Part III

The potential of information far exceeds that of mere data. We need to change our focus from data to information in order to see more clearly why and how our IT industry often colludes in the demise of truth and supports the spread of disinformation. More!


Adaptable Leadership — A Virtual Event

In this 4-hour virtual Summit event, you'll learn how to hone the skills you need to help your organization in times of disruption and rapid change. Register now for this lively and practical half day of executive education on Adaptable Leadership!

Summit Mike Roberto

Flying High With Leadership & Team Dynamics

Join Prof. Michael Roberto at Summit 2021 as he demonstrates — via his business school case study of Cockpit Dynamics in Air France 447 and United 232 — how to solve unexpected problems in high-stakes, time-pressured situations. Register!


AI as a Platform for New Products: 2- Day Bootcamp

Leverage AI to improve and accelerate innovation and product development, and discover the obstacles to launching AI-engineered products in this 2-day bootcamp, Dec 6-7, with Professor Darren Meister. Register your team now!

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