Create maximum customer value with BA and CX team collaboration.

Business architecture and customer experience (CX) design are two separate disciplines, each with different goals, focuses, artifacts, and team members. However, when they work in close collaboration with each other, they can greatly improve an organization’s ability to design and deliver a superior customer experience.

How can business architects help CX design teams?

Business architecture can translate CX designs into the changes necessary to the business and IT environment to make them real, and package those changes into a coordinated set of initiatives for execution.

How can CX design teams help business architects?

CX design teams have the ability to articulate a comprehensive vision of the organization’s target customers and end-to-end customer experience, providing business architects with a clear direction and priorities related to customer needs.

Whynde Kuehn


BA and CX team alignment leads to business architecture practitioners and customer experience teams working hand in hand, helping to shape and evolve the business architecture, which will create maximum customer and business value.

Whynde Kuehn


What will you discover in Applying Business Architecture for Improved CX?

Cutter Consortium’s one-day workshop Applying Business Architecture for Improved CX will serve to catalyze valuable collaboration between your business architects and CX teams. We will help you assess current integration efforts between these two distinct disciplines, and identify best practices and opportunities to work together on customer-focused initiatives for increased value. At the end of this engagement, you’ll have detailed analysis and a list of action-oriented recommendations that will help you cast a new vision upon strategy execution.

What's Next?

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