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Leaders are often unaware of the level and cost of stress they impose on their workforce. This Advisor highlights three specific sources of organizational stress: overfocus on form, wishful thinking, and centralized decision making. It offers strategies for tackling each source, allowing you to create a virtuous, self-reinforcing cycle of time for clear thinking.
How do we identify the metrics that matter most? This Advisor explores the goal-setting system and approach known as objectives and key results (OKRs) and identifies where it complements business agility efforts.
In a recent webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Jon Ward introduced an agile approach that uses behavioral theory, lean principles and agile wisdom to help teams create high-value solutions quickly. This Advisor shares the Q&A session that followed. Perhaps Jon's advice will spark some new ideas on how your organization can leverage Agile Lineout practices for team success.
With a new generation of cloud-enabled low-code tools, we can combine the simplicity and friendliness of easy-to-use develop­ment environments with the ability to deploy distrib­uted business applications. This Advisor addresses some of the key arguments against low-code adoption.
In Part II of this Executive Update series on creating great innovation teams, we explore how to build meaningful missions.
In the course of “going Agile,” you will eliminate old processes, practices, and mindsets. This Advisor offers keen advice on how to avoid marginalizing the people who are experts in the previous way of working. Success depends on everyone in your organization understanding the vision, the why, and the road to get there.
In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about an agile approach tailored for IT and non-IT activities. Jon Ward’s Agile Lineout uses behavioral theory, lean principles and agile wisdom to help teams create high-value solutions quickly.
Despite recent advances in quantum programming tools, there are two major challenges facing quantum software developers. First, there is an understandable fear of betting on a platform or language that ends up being discontinued. Second, quantum computer scientists need to understand cur­rent software engineering principles and techniques, or they will spend too much time reinventing the wheel.