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Recently Published

Agile HR

Making It in Agile HR: Leadership, System Coaching, and Large Group Facilitation

by Zuzana Sochova

The more organizations shift toward Agile, the more they need to redesign how they work with employees, how they search for new employees, and how they nurture employees’ development and careers. This Advisor describes the fundamental shift HR needs to make to support agility. Indeed, in an Agile organization, HR must shift its focus to the overall employee experience, choosing an employee-centric approach over the governance role that traditional HR departments often hold.

Executive Update

Statistical Project Management, Part VII: Project Decisions and Design Oscillations

by Vince Kellen

In Part VII of this Executive Update series on statistical project management, we turn our attention to the dynamical and often irrational nature of projects.

Up to the Challenge?

Up to the Challenge? Business Ethics in Industry 4.0

by Weiyu Wang, by Keng Siau

In today’s competitive business environment, ethical issues arise frequently. Business partners may not respect contracts, or competitors may attempt to steal business secrets. With Industry 4.0, the situation becomes much more complex. In this Advisor, we explore some of these issues that may arise.

The Skills Crisis

A Crisis of Perception? Viewing the Skills Crisis Anew

by Barry OReilly

Instead of seeking expertise from the beginning, accepting emergence of expertise over time may be the best way to combat a crisis that possibly exists more in our perception than in reality.

Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation: From Scattered Experiences to Continuous Innovation

by Erik Schon

By creating a shared direction, a common purpose around the need to improve, and learning how to scale our innovation efforts, our company made the leap from scattered experiences to a culture of continuous innovation.

Peeling the Onion

Building Performance Capabilities from the Inside Out

by Hillel Glazer

We’re all familiar with the analogy of peeling an onion to find out what’s going on in the center. If what we want is to create and sustain a high-performance operation, then we already know what’s at the center. We just have to figure out what’s required to get there.

Executive Update

The Evolving Enterprise API Platform

by James Higginbotham

This Executive Update examines some current trends in the API space, including API platforms, as well as the influence of microservices, streaming, and serverless on those API platforms. We also cover how enterprises are expanding their API program to include the broader concerns of enterprise architecture. Finally, we take a look at what those trends and perspective shifts may hold for us in the future.

Agile in the Classroom

Agile Anywhere? Agile in the Classroom

by Abby Oulton

Following the popularization of Agile in tech, educators in a small New York City startup who got word about it began experimenting with creating “agile classrooms” in an effort to increase student engagement and collaboration in otherwise conventional environments.