Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment: Do You Have the Right Methods, Skills and Support?

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Do You Have the Right Methods, Skills and Support for Digital Transformation?

Steve AndrioleDiscover the methods, skills and support you need for transformation success —  and the landmines you must avoid.

Every senior management team aspires to the efficiencies and competitiveness that digital transformation might deliver. But the path to transformation is mined with explosives. Digital transformation, like all major corporate initiatives, must be well planned and exquisitely executed. Does your organization have the competence to transform business processes and models?

In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Fellow, Steve Andriole, focuses on how to make digital transformation projects successful by assessing the methods, skills and support at your disposal. Steve will discuss what must be true for digital transformation to succeed and what increases the probability of failure. The webinar concludes with a checklist for transformation success and a list of landmines that must be avoided.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Prof. Andriole's expert advice and ask questions about the challenges your organization is facing. 

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Date: November 7, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm