Karen Coburn

President & CEO
Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Karen Coburn founded Cutter Information Corp. (DBA Cutter Consortium) in 1986. She leads Cutter's strategic vision and growth initiatives. Ms. Coburn has more than 40 years of experience in the information technology and management business.

Ms. Coburn’s consulting is focused on assisting business and technology executives as they respond to digitally-driven disruption of traditional business models and mobilize to leverage emerging tech. She works with Cutter Consortium clients across sectors, with recent projects focusing on industries as diverse as banking and financial services, hospitality, retail, health, mobility, energy & building technology, and industrial technology. In the IGO/NGO sector, she works with clients that include: World Health Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, UN Green Climate Fund, UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS, UNICC, UNJSPF, UNFPA, and others.

Key among Ms. Coburn’s goals in creating Cutter Consortium, was to build and foster a global community of thought leaders and for Cutter to serve as a catalyst for collaboration among these experts to further innovation across disciplines. Many of these experts have done pioneering work in areas key to successful digital transformation, which Cutter clients have been able to leverage.

Cutter's key role is as a catalyst for collaboration among business technology thought leaders worldwide.

Karen Coburn
CEO, Cutter Consortium


Ms. Coburn is a past President, Officer, and Board member of the International Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Prior to starting Cutter, she worked at Cahners Publishing Company for eight years, helping to develop the Cahners Newsletter Center and serving as its Director. There she developed and founded numerous journals, ranging from Expert Systems Strategies to Global Climate Change Report. Upon founding Cutter, she continued to launch new journals. She remains very involved with the focus of Cutter Consortium’s continuous stream of expert-authored, written and multimedia research and Cutter Consortium’s events.

Ms. Coburn holds an A.B. from Harvard University. She can be reached at kcoburn@cutter.com.