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The objective, experience-based opinion and insight found in Cutter Business Technology Journal gives your organization the skills and vision it needs to address the spectrum of challenges ongoing business model changes and new technologies bring.

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June 2018

Fog/Edge Computing: Opportunities, Case Studies, Challenges

by Cutter Consortium

Fog and edge computing together offer many advantages. Although the technologies may seem similar — and there is much confusion about the terminology — the general consensus is that their difference lies in where the intelligence and computing power are placed. This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal offers perspectives from seven authors on fog/edge computing to bring some sunlight to the challenges, benefits, and possible uses of these emerging technologies.

May 2018

Transforming the Customer Experience

by Jeanne Bliss

The elements necessary in creating an excellent CX are changing as rapidly as the context and digital environment in which today’s organizations exist. In this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, we present six articles which lay out varying views on what constitutes CX. 

April 2018

Blockchain: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?

by Philip OReilly

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal sheds some light on the status of blockchain technology adoption. With perspectives from eight different authors, the articles detail some of the opportunities, challenges, applications, and use cases, as well as the industry and business implications associated with a blockchain technology initiatives.

March 2018

A Disciplined Agile Approach to Business Agility

by Scott Ambler, by Mark Lines

Many organizations have successfully transformed to become agile businesses. To do so they have overcome cultural challenges, they have invested in their people, they have experimented with new ways of working, and, most important, they have recognized that they have only just begun. In this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, we present seven articles that share some hard-earned lessons from the trenches.