About the Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Practice

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From strategy to back-end implementation, Cutter has you covered.

Big data analytics and social/mobile/collaboration technologies are driving transformation across industries. Cutter’s experts help you stay ahead of change and give you the frameworks, tools, insights, and understanding your job demands.

Cutter’s thought leaders have done, and are doing, the pioneering work and analysis in areas spanning big data analytics to Agile data warehousing, mobile design to data quality, social to privacy, crowdsourcing to Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration to wearables, data architecture to data management, and cognitive technologies to adaptive security. They are on the front lines, advising Cutter clients on both strategy and technology, training and delivering onsite consulting to organizations that range from Fortune firms to NGOs/IGOs and government agencies to universities worldwide.

Research & Analysis

Cutter's extensive library of expert research and analysis provides you with insight on the technologies, tools and strategies that help you gain insight into customer behavior, market activity, and business performance. Satisfy your organization’s thirst for knowledge with a continuous flow of reports, missives from the field, analyses of exclusive data and insight into its implications – all written by Cutter's team of Data Analytics & Digital Technologies experts.

Consulting, Training & Exec Ed

Cutter specializes in helping companies like yours integrate cutting-edge ideas into its data integration strategy and grow talent from within.See some sample offerings.

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