From Data Analytics to IoT, Put Cutter Consortium’s Top Experts to Work for Your Team

Whether it’s mining unstructured data to improve customer relations, or harnessing predictive analytics capabilities to change business models, Cutter experts can support your technology needs, resulting organizational challenges, and innovation efforts, from ideation through implementation.

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SAP HANA for Maximum Competitive Advantage

Improve critical enterprise systems management. Developed by Cutter Fellow and UC San Diego CIO Vince Kellen and his colleagues, this approach applies "new rules" for governing data analytics and leverages the SAP HANA environment to achieve next generation data warehousing success. 

Strategic Cloud Procurement Assessment

James Mitchell

Cutter Senior Consultant James Mitchell has developed a revolutionary way to determine how you can optimize your cloud use. Whether you’re moving to the cloud or looking to save on your cloud investment, Dr. James Mitchell provides the tools and insight to help you understand cloud procurement and optimize your cloud computing spend.

Extracting Business Value from Digital Data Streams

Gabriele Piccoli, Federico Pigni, Raad Siraj

Are there opportunities you’re missing to mine your organization’s data, to create value from the real-time flow of big data? Can you achieve improved customer experience through increased, data-based experimentation?

Data Analytics Ideation

Vinay Venkatraman

Are you fully leveraging your organization’s data – both structured and unstructured – and putting Big Data Analytics to work to improve decision making, performance, and success? With the right knowledge and skills, you can combine and analyze data from myriad sources to identify patterns previously obscured, and apply predictive analytics to enable better decision making and new, superior strategies and approaches.

Knowledge Management Assessments

Our Senior Consultants help you determine where and how to target your knowledge management efforts, and help you outline a program to measure those efforts.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Our Senior Consultants consider your business needs as well as your infrastructure requirements, and help you prioritize them based on criticality and potential return on investment (ROI). We'll help you develop a governance structure for your business intelligence initiative that includes prioritization, funding of projects, and resolution of conflict -- and we'll guide you through the necessary steps to develop an implementation strategy.