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3 Myths of Building Diverse Workforces, Technology Push Winning the Adoption Race, more!

Posted January 4, 2022 | |
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4 January 2022

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3 Myths About Building Diverse Workforces

Why is the diversity needle not moving? How can true systemic change be made, versus the many previous attempts? Explore three pervasive myths – and how they are debunked – on the challenges of building more diverse workforces. More!


Technology Push Is Winning the Adoption Race

Companies have abandoned their obsession with “requirements” and appear to instead endorse a “technology-first/requirements-second” approach to technology adoption — essentially throwing "best practices" out the window. More!


A Business Strategy Approach to Sustainable Development — 2 Hours x 2-Days Bootcamp

Join Professor Tima Bansal in this virtual bootcamp on March 2-3 and learn what sustainable development means to your business, how to tackle it, and how to assess the success of your initiative. Register!


The Role of Business Architecture in Software Design — Webinar Feb 2

In this upcoming webinar with William Ulrich, you'll learn how to leverage business architecture to inform and shape software design to achieve more effective, business-aligned software systems. Register now!


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