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The Cutter Edge: Business Architects and Storytelling, Enabling Early Tech Adoption, Innovation Model Differentiators

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10 September 2019

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Business Architects: The Guide in an Organization's Story

Business architects play a vital role as guides in an organization’s transformation story. As the story unfolds, architects can provide leadership, create order, and help organizations make good choices in the midst of complicated challenges! Find out how!

Enabling Early Tech Adoption Via an Innovation Management Process

While there is no definitive, single formula for an innovation management process, there are some common elements/steps organizations should consider to deliver value to core businesses or to new markets. Discover the steps now!

Innovation Models Across Industries Webinar

Join us on September 18 as Cutter Senior Consultant Katia Passerini discusses the current and future state of disruption among industries, what organizational models favor the innovation mindset, how models might differ across industries, and more. Register now!

And More Webinars ... Reserve Your Seat Now!

September 25: Unpeeling the Onion: Leveraging Flow to Create and Sustain a High-Performance Operation with Hillel Glazer

October 8: Business Architecture: Strategy Execution’s Secret Weapon with Brian Cameron

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