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16 July 2019

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A Comprehensive Vision for Digital Marketing

Struggling to deal with a more sophisticated customer? Making good use of customer data and deploying new digital marketing visions to better interact and engage with customers is an imperative. Explore an approach that gives strategic relevance to your digital marketing practice!

More Out-of-the-Box Applications of Agile!

Today's organizations are taking Agile concepts out of the IT department into HR, purchasing, sales, printing, and even energy resource production. From a cultural standpoint, how do we run our organizations with radical transparency into everything from financial statements to personal salaries? Find out!

Reserve your seat — enjoy your summer holiday — and see you in September!

From business architecture, to machine learning, to new business models for innovation, Cutter has a series of webinars planned to address today's most pressing business technology challenges. Register now for these upcoming webinars!

Call for Papers: AI — Avoiding and Addressing Unintended Consequences

The unintended consequences of AI are becoming as prevalent as the technology. How can negative consequences be addressed and avoided? Share your insight in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal! Get more information/send an article idea.

What Does Architecture for Digital Transformation Look Like?

In this two-day course, Cutter Senior Consultant Mike Rosen will explore the requirements for the new digital economy and describe the new “Digital Business Platform” necessary to meet those requirements and sustain success. Find out more!

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