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The Cutter Edge: Power of Dissent, High-Quality Idea Generation, Innovation Models Across Industries

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13 August 2019

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Software Architects: The Power of Dissent

A wide body of research supports the idea of allowing and encouraging dissent in organizations. In complex technology projects, this involves pushing back against biases, oversimplifications, and the need for certainty that will inform many proposed solu­tions But at what cost to the architect? Find out!

Best Practices for Ideation and Idea Management

We are in an era that demands unheralded levels of creativity as companies need to constantly innovate and reinvent themselves to succeed. Four best practices can help address these innovation challenges: Read about them now!

Innovation Models Across Industries: A Linear or Complex Path?

Join our webinar on Sept 18 as Cutter Senior Consultant Katia Passerini explores the requirements for the new digital economy and how the “Digital Business Platform” can help you meet those requirements and sustain success. Register now!

How To Be Successful With Breakthrough Innovation

Develop a winning innovation culture in your organization with workshops designed to fit your needs. Prof. Robert D. Austin and Rick Eagar will provide you with new ideas and strategies to put into action immediately. Get more info!

Call for Papers: AI — Digital Architecture

How can a business successfully transform its current architecture to a digital architecture and what are the key issues, approaches, strategies and potential roadblocks to consider? Share your insight in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal. Send your article idea!

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