Keynote by Steve Andriole
No Time Left for Failure

All kinds of initiatives and projects fail. Many of them spectacularly. The exponential change all businesses are facing requires they take an objective look at why failure persists. Why is it that organizations can’t seem to get out of their own way? Why aren’t the lessons from less-impactful project failures learned and applied to higher importance projects, and to key business initiatives? In this keynote, Cutter Fellow, Prof. Steve Andriole reveals why talent, support, and culture problems continue to plague organizations’ ability to deliver successful projects, programs, and business strategies. Dr. Andriole will look at the role talent assessments, team dynamics, executive support, and corporate culture have in choking creativity, rendering problems unsolvable, and impeding successful project delivery, and he will offer tips on how to overcome these barriers.

Steve Andriole  Cutter Consortium Fellow Steve Andriole has been consulting and writing about digital transformation and emerging technology trends for 10 years.


A panel debate follows the keynote, featuring

Ra'ad SirajRa'ad Siraj has been a CIO and CTO and has extensive experience in corporate IT strategy, management consulting, data services/monetization, and innovation.



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