Establish and map formal blueprints of your business and IT architecture.

This workshop discusses how to establish and map formal blueprints of your business and IT architectures and use these blueprints to interpret strategy, craft roadmaps, allocate funding and establish and govern project deployments. You'll leverage the Business/IT Architecture Transformation Framework™ and its approach to business-driven, IT architecture transformation and draw upon state-of-the-practice work by a number of organizations.

Course Outline:

  1. Business/IT Architecture Alignment: Overview
  2. Business Strategy vs. Reality: Impacts of Misalignment
  3. Business-Driven, Business/IT Architecture Transformation
  4. Business/IT Architecture Alignment Process Overview
  5. Business Architecture Enabled Visioning, Roadmap Creation
  6. Business Design Solutions
  7. Driving Requirements Through Business Architecture
  8. Business/IT Architecture Mapping
  9. Business/IT Architecture Transformation: Setup & Roadmap Creation
  10. Business/IT Architecture Transformation Execution Options
  11. Business/IT Architecture Alignment Scenarios
  12. Getting Started with Business/IT Architecture Alignment

The Cutter IT Journal issue "Business Architecture in Practice: Lessons from the Trenches" with guest ediitor William Ulrich focuses on deploying standard approaches, sharing lessons learned, and building on a growing number of business architecture success stories."


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William Ulrich

William Ulrich

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