Extend your business architecture through strategy, product, initiative and stakeholder mapping.

Whynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn

It takes one set of skills to establish your business architecture but it takes another set of skills to leverage that business architecture for strategic planning, business design efforts, project deployment, and governance. This course focuses on the concepts and skills needed to extend the basic business architecture through strategy, product, initiative and stakeholder mapping. You'll learn how to leverage business architecture to benefit related disciplines including business modeling, Lean Six Sigma, business process management and case management.

The scenarios and case studies in this workshop offer practical guidelines on how to leverage business architecture at your organization. This workshop offers advanced guidelines for governing your business architecture.

Course Outline:

  1. Extending the Business Architecture: An Introduction
  2. Establishing & Managing a Business Architecture Practice
  3. Strategy Mapping & Business Model Alignment
  4. Using Business Architecture to Turn Strategy into Actionable Results
  5. Product Mapping & Stakeholder Mapping
  6. Initiative Mapping & Business Performance Analysis
  7. Business Architecture, Case Management & Dynamic Rules Based Routing
  8. Business Architecture, Lean Six Sigma & Business Process Alignment
  9. Business Architecture Usage Scenarios
  10. Business Architecture Tool Enablement
  11. Taking the Practice to the Next Level


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