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7 May 2019

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Using AI with Agile Coaching, Scheduling, and Status

It's Agile's turn to leverage the benefits of AI. But how? AI can significantly enhance team performance with data collection and analysis, and provide Agile coaches with the insight they need to steer team efforts in the right direction. Continue reading!

Webinar Tomorrow, May 8: Can AI Be Used to Improve Agile Teams?

Join Cutter Senior Consultant Jon Ward on May 8, 12 pm ET, as he considers how AI can be used to enhance team productivity, how AI might inhibit it, and where investment in AI could be justified based upon efficiency gains. Register now!

Challenges and Opportunities for Automating Decisions

Inherent in many challenges are one or more oppor­tunities. Resolving challenges associated with implementing decision automation and sensors can help identify opportunities for digital transformation and operations renewal. Read more!

[Call for Papers] Agile 4.0: Opportunities, Impact, Challenges

How are organizations capitalizing on the new business opportunities afforded by Industry 4.0? Share your insight in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal. Visit for more information

New from Cutter Business Technology Journal: Cutting Edge Agile!

This exciting 7-article issue with Guest Editor Alistair Cockburn explores the latest applications of agile practices. Order now with coupon code CuttingEdgeAgile20 and Save 20% off your order!

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