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The Cutter Edge: Leveraging BA Visuals, Automating Software Development, Strategy Execution's Secret Weapon

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30 July 2019

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Visual Design for Business Architecture

Architecture can be abstract, sometimes ambiguous. Good graphics can help make the concepts clearer and more relatable. Whynde Kuehn illustrates the importance of using visual techniques to increase the effectiveness, value, and adoption of your business architecture practices. Find out more!

5 Technologies to Automate Software Development

The road to automating software development seems long and full of twists and turns. But we might see some progress in the next 2-5 years with the help of these five technologies! Read about these 5 technologies now!

What Does Architecture for Digital Transformation Look Like?

In this two-day course, Cutter Senior Consultant Mike Rosen will explore the requirements for the new digital economy and describe the new “Digital Business Platform” necessary to meet those requirements and sustain success. Find out more!

Webinar: Business Architecture — Strategic Execution’s Secret Weapon

Join Cutter Senior Consultant Brian Cameron on October 15 as he steps you through structuring your business architecture to effectively facilitate strategy execution. Reserve your seat now!

Call for Papers: AI — Avoiding and Addressing Unintended Consequences

The unintended consequences of AI are surfacing more frequently now. How can they be addressed and minimized? Deadline approaching: share your insight in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal. Send your article idea!

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