Is Gender Stereotyping Holding Back Women Leaders?

Posted October 14, 2021 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence, Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp Cutter Business Technology Journal
female tech
Keren Joseph-Browning analyzes gender stereotypes that may be holding back female leaders. Her research shows there isn’t a lack of qualified women in the pipeline, though many believe the opposite. Joseph-Browning then draws a line between these beliefs and the stereotypes impeding women’s ascension into leadership positions.
About The Author
Keren Joseph Browning
Keren Joseph-Browning is Global HR Director at Arthur D. Little. She is an internationally experienced senior HR professional who understands and appreciates business needs with more than 20 years’ proven ability to get quick results through astute leadership. Ms. Joseph-Browning is passionate about strategic business partnership, providing proactive support and initiative to help drive organizational success. She has extensive knowledge and… Read More
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