Cutter Consortium’s Unique Approach to Consulting

► Only Cutter Consortium's seasoned experts perform consulting engagements, unlike most consulting firms that use senior partners to sell a job, but send junior staff to do the work

► We take an agile approach to consulting — iterative, collaborative, stressing communication with clients, delivery of results early and continuously — and offer the flexibility to adapt to changes as they arise

► Cutter approaches every assignment acknowledging a client’s uniqueness; we do not force-fit clients into templates or approaches that are not suitable to their circumstance, stage of development, or culture.

► Our focus is on the knowledge transfer necessary so clients can continue moving forward on their own

We’ve helped clients with challenges including:

 DIGITAL PROBLEM-SOLVING to address technical bottlenecks, particularly when legacy systems are the impediment to providing an enhanced CX

 AGILE TRANSFORMATIONS to boost enterprise-wide organizational agility, productivity, and response to customer demands

 DIGITAL STRATEGY to pivot businesses into new markets & expand market share; creating seamless onsite-online customer engagement; leveraging technology for entirely new capabilities

 DATA STRATEGY and enhanced data analytics, architecture & governance to better leverage data assets.

 DIGITAL PLATFORM ASSESSMENTS and programs for improvement to ensure scalability, agility and security.

 TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE to assess the digital assets, security risks, IP, and technical teams of target firms

 CULTURAL CHANGE to help enterprise-wide teams achieve the cognitive shift digital success demands

 BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE to improve customer journeys and service delivery

 IT ASSESSMENTS and restructuring to support business transformations and digital strategies

 INNOVATION INCUBATORS to overcome organizational antibodies and existing brand resistance to change

 CUSTOMER JOURNEY & CX ANALYSIS to boost client satisfaction and sales

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► Data Analytics & Digital Transformation Technologies

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