Navigating Business Transformation Change

You must address the human side of digital transformation

Leaders who implement digital transformation through a top-down approach, consultant-led approach, or IT-led approach often ignore the conditions that prompted the need for digital transformation in the first place. They decide how to solve the problem without considering the organizational dynamics, behavioral habits, and culture that created the problem.

Strategy Execution Lifecycle Assessment and Recommendations

Whynde Kuehn
Make your strategic vision a reality. 

Today’s organizations are constantly faced with new customer expectations, new competition, new technologies, and new regulations and governance. For large organizations, there is also increased complexity — partly due to broader business models, and partly because their operating environments tend to have redundancy, inconsistency, and a lack of integration.

IT Organizational Assessment: Restructuring for Digital

Restructure and Retool for Digital Success

Strategic Cloud Procurement Assessment

James Mitchell
Everyone Wants to Save Money on the Cloud.

Thriving Through Technology-Driven Turbulence

Jan Damsgaard
Is it Time to Transform?

Across nearly every industry, business models are being disrupted by savvy new market entrants. These newcomers are leveraging emerging technologies and the latest digital practices. Don't let them get out in front of your organization.

Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice

Whynde Kuehn
Learn how to build, socialize, and scale a business architecture practice.

Business architecture is a game-changing discipline that enables businesses to address major challenges in new and unique ways. Many organizations have formally established the practice and role internally.

Security Architecture and Design

Security Architecture and Design

From the design and development of individual applications to enterprise network architecture, our approach is to make security an integral part of the finished product, ensure it is cost-effective and acceptable to your employees, and that it differentiates your products from those of your competition.

Develop a Digital Strategy that Builds on Success

Greg Smith, Carl Bate
Revamp for scalability, agility and speed.

There is a good chance your company’s current operating model and governance framework a

Extracting Business Value from Digital Data Streams

Gabriele Piccoli, Federico Pigni, Raad Siraj
Get Help Uncovering Value from your Real-time Data Streams

Cutter Senior Consultants Professor Gabe Piccoli a

EA Programs

An effective EA Program session is the best way to ensure that a project gets started correctly. Cutter's EA Program sessions help establish a project's team values, vision, mission, objectives, project community, measures of success, scope and boundaries, committed resources, and working agreements. The process is extremely effective in building the team community.