Technical Debt Assessment and Valuation

Cutter Consortium
Do you know the true value of your software? Are you sure?

Technical debt is a real cost. Whether you're looking at it from the perspective of a venture capitalist or CEO, or from the viewpoint of a CIO or CTO, or you're trying to determine if a merger or acquisition makes sense, knowing how much money is required to "pay back" your software's technical debt may be the very factor that proves your decision to be a good one or a very costly one.

Data Analytics Ideation

Vinay Venkatraman
Can You See the Potential in Your Data?

Are you fully leveraging your organization’s data – both structured and unstructured – and putting Big Data Analytics to work to improve decision making, performance, and success?

IT Governance and Product Prioritization

Cutter Consortium

Maximize the value your team's services contribute to enterprise success.

Software Development Analytics

Murray Cantor
Bring the Power of Modern Analytics to Software Development

Is your software development organization getting the best return on its assets? Are you managing your mix of development work optimally?

Agile-EVM Performance Measurement Workshop

Alexandre Rodrigues
Measure and Manage Performance in Your Agile Projects

Agile adoption goes hand in hand with abandoning so-called traditional project management. Yet new projects are continously faced with legitimate management questions. Now you can answer these questions with confidence when you adapt the Earned Value Management method (EVM) into your Agile product development process.   

Supporting Go/No-Go Investment Decisions with Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence: A Finely Honed Tool for Evaluating Investment Decisions

For venture capitalists and M&A pros who need to make quick go/no-go investment decisions, we offer a streamlined variant of our Technical and Process Review. What makes it a finely honed tool for evaluating investment decisions?

Technical and Process Review

The Power of Combining Qualitative Assessment with Quantitative Analysis

The fact of the matter is, often times you are at loss as to how to improve your software. You know it needs improving because you can identify the symptoms -- perhaps poor business results, late delivery, inadequate quality or low productivity -- but their root cause is not so clear.

Independent Contract Reviews

In the middle of negotiating a contract? Not sure if the RFP you're about to put out really covers all your bases? Would an outside expert opinion on the SLAs you're about to agree on make you more comfortable?

Neuroscience-Based Leadership Coaching

Lynne Ellyn

Effective IT leadership creates the environment for productive team work, individual productivity and team alignment with organizational goals. The art of leadership is now enhanced with scientific insight from Neuroscience research about the brain and how people learn, create, solve problems and produce results.

Radical Management

Radical Management applies Agile-like principles to the organizational level. The idea is not just theory: Hubert Smits has done it.