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division of labor

The Agile Enterprise and the Division of Labor

by Gene Callahan

Gene Callahan has some great advice for build­ing awesome people. Beginning with the idea of the division of labor, Callahan walks us through the history of how traditional organizations find themselves as a collection of specialists who struggle to be responsive to the changing marketplace. He then examines the need for people who are generalizing specialists (people who can collaborate effectively and learn from one another).

Traditional vs. Agile

Itamae, the Agile Organization, and You

by John Hogan

John Hogan provides some insights on delighting customers. He argues for a customer-focused organizational structure, with Agile teams supported by Agile leadership. Hogan describes the importance of goal setting to focus on delighting customers, supported by incremental planning and delivery to do so. 

Scott Ambler

A Disciplined Agile Approach to Business Agility — Opening Statement

by Scott Ambler, by Mark Lines

Business agility is something that emerges over time through a lot of hard work. Excelling at it requires true agility across all of IT, not just software development, as well as a disciplined organization that can leverage the IT capability. And, because the environment in which your organization operates evolves over time, and your competitors and partners also evolve, business agility proves to be a moving target in practice.


Decisions, Decisions: Examining 3 Types of Decision Models

by Sachin Mahajan

This Advisor explores the mechanics behind various decision-making models and examines the boundaries and use cases for each. It discusses the qualitative value that experience or intuition can add to data-driven quantitative analysis, thereby providing the best approach to decision making.

Don MacIntyre
Executive Update

Organizational Agility: Why Agile Leadership Matters

by Don MacIntyre

Based on the demand for Agile skills in the workplace, it is quite clear that leaders across the globe are coming to rely more and more on Agile principles and practices to achieve their goals. What makes some of these leaders successful with their Agile adoptions while other leaders seem to struggle? What is going on in these organizations?

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Lift the Mask of POSIWID

by Carl Bate, by Laurie Guillodo, by Greg Smith, by Mandeep Dhillon

“The purpose of a system is what it does” — referring to “system” as the company as a whole — means that a company’s statements of intent (“we are an innovative, digital native company”), or even its market analysis or the initiatives it has undertaken, are secondary to what a company actually does.

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

What Makes a Great Agile Leader?

by Arlen Bankston

In this Advisor, we consider what leaders are expected to do within Agile organizations, then see how these duties translate to a set of desired skills and personality traits.


The 6 Performance Circles of the Agile Performance Holarchy: An Introduction

by Jeff Dalton

Both the explosive growth of Agile adoption and the return to collaborative and experiential learning are part of a larger global transformation whereby people are seeking to cast off authority in exchange for autonomy and peer collaboration.