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Make your software, systems, and software organization a source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by constant change. Cutter’s community of international experts provides a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and virtual events to keep your teams on the cutting edge of new developments in software engineering excellence, product management, and enterprise agility.

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Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Thinking Patterns for a Lean/Agile Organization

by Srinivas Garapati

The real “lean” in the Lean world (or the “agile” in the Agile world) will manifest only when an organization’s focus is on the development of the whole organizational system.


Vital Mechanisms for Building the Agile Digital Organization

by Jon Ward

Agile organizations need a description of how teams work from beginning to end. The Agile product development framework will illustrate how operational and delivery risks are evaluated and reduced in an innovative environment.

Executive Update

An Agile Development Framework: Part I — Perspectives, Views, and Elements

by Robin Harwood

The objective of this Update is to present an overview of an Agile development framework (ADF) as a set of different perspectives covering artifacts, roles, and activities, as the elements that populate the framework. Using a set of views, it suggests how this set of perspectives and elements may help us, as business analysts, in our understanding of Agile development and where we could next explore the ADF in more detail.

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

How Does Culture Drive Organizational Agility Success?

by Jutta Eckstein, by John Buck

Does culture drive success, or is culture emerging from the implementation of carefully considered strategy, structure, and processes inside the organization? Our view is the latter, and the good news is that culture is something that executives can affect.


Using Continuous Improvement to Scale Digitization

by Steve Bell, by Karen Whitley Bell

DevOps practices and cloud platforms can catapult enterprise technology forward, improving consumer responsiveness, time to market, throughput, and resilience, but they depend on continuous improvement to become internalized and self-sustaining.

Figure 1 — An abstracted view of the organization.

Using Agile to Delight Your Customers

by John Hogan

In this Advisor, we explore the concept of itamae and the role of leadership on the road to agility.

Figure 1 — The Breakthrough Thinking model and assessment.

Build on a Common Foundation for Successful Agile Transformation

by Matt Ganis, by Michael Ackerbauer

The best teams we have worked with know their strength is not the Agile framework alone, but how the team sources ideas and plans and delivers its backlog. Strong team process requires strong team empathy that allows teams to embrace creative tension to uncover novel ways of producing value.

Layers of a data warehouse architecture
Executive Update

What’s the Value of Your Data? The Agile Advantage

by Jan Paul Fillie, by Werner de Jong

In this Executive Update, we recommend some Agile techniques and best practices that retain the benefits of a central EDW while reducing the expense and lack of responsiveness to business needs and change. This data-focused approach offers a way to define user stories in a complex EDW architecture, addressing both application and information value to users and delivering a data warehouse that provides high-quality information and is resilient to change.