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Gustav Toppenberg

Matching Business Expectations to Value Generation

by Gustav Toppenberg

Regardless of whether Agile teams operate with or without a scaled frame­work, the need to match the expectations of the business users on the receiving end of the value generated by the team with the internal measures of throughput is critical. The three challenges described in this Advisor highlight the importance of measuring value in the eyes of the recipient of the output of work, not only the effort generated to attain value.


Maximizing Virtual Team Productivity

by Lisette Sutherland

For organizations to survive and thrive in the modern world, we should be able to work “remote first”: working online as if we were in the office together. Our companies will only be stronger for it. The things that make remote working successful are the same things we want in place anyway: effortless and fast communication, a shared place for files and conversation, and alignment on a common vision.


How to Step Up Stepping Up: Promoting Guest Leadership for Successful Collaboration

by Alistair Cockburn

We usually think of leaders in large terms: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and so on. However, small acts of leadership happen every day, forming the glue that holds civil society together. These include helping a shorter person put a bag in the overhead compartment, organizing neighborhood cleanups, or starting petitions to change government. These are moments of “guest leadership.”


Accelerate and Scale Digitization with Lean Leadership Practices

by Steve Bell, by Karen Whitley Bell

We spoke with several technology leaders of large, established enterprises who are successfully tackling the myriad challenges of digitization: transforming their operating model and technical architectures, streamlining core processes, simplifying legacy systems, improving data quality, and unwinding excessive governance and control mechanisms. They are navigating the balance of technical and social considerations and creating a culture of continuous collaboration, problem solving, experimentation, and learning, which collectively creates enterprise-wide agility. These are very big enterprises that are learning to operate like small, agile startups. 


12 Lean Habits of the 21st-Century Technology Leader

by Em Campbell Pretty

The values contained in the House of Lean for the 21st Century give us guidance as to the mindset required to succeed, but it takes concrete practices to bring these values to life. Given that leadership is the foundation of Lean, the effective Lean leader needs to form habits that align to the pillars that support the goal. 

Cutter Consortium

Living and Breathing Company Values

by Steffan Surdek

The new generation is looking for life-work balance as well as inspiring leaders who will fire them up and motivate them. In the new workplace, company values actually need to mean something. People need to see their leaders living and breathing these values every day.

Dilip Balachandran
Executive Update

Transforming Your BI/DW Competency Center

by Dilip Balachandran

As companies strive to be more nimble and agile across their value chains, they are rapidly evolving their information management and analytics capabilities. Business intelligence and data warehouse (BI/DW) competency centers need to transform themselves to stay relevant and help their companies build a competitive advantage. This Executive Update provides a description of some key changes you can make to start transforming your BI/DW competency center in a cost-effective manner. Some of these changes include enabling advanced analytics, accelerating speed to market with Agile and DevOps, and empowering citizen developers and data scientists.

Cutter Consortium

The Gig Economy

by David Coleman

I have been a member of the “gig” economy for the last 20 years — I just didn’t know it.