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CAMS and Avoiding Method Friction

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

All friction is suicidal because it is your energy being wasted unnecessarily. We don’t have that much energy to waste in fighting with ourselves.

Zen Master Osho

Executive Update

Your Agile BPMS Project’s Final Process

by Frank Teti

Whether you call it a “measurement meeting,” “sunset review,” or “project post-mortem,” you should always hold a meeting of this nature at the conclusion of your business process management system (BPMS) project in order to determine and analyze project-specific elements deemed successful or unsuccessful. The agenda for such a meeting is singularly interesting because the business process experts — who have just completed a business process transformation for other experts in the organization — now face the task of analyzing their own established process and procedures to improve the organization’s existing processes.


Too Many Defects/Bugs? Don’t Just Look at Fixing Testing

by Maurizio Mancini

If you look closely at Agile, it is actually a huge advocate of building in quality and calls for everyone on the team to own quality. Agile/Scrum calls on the product owner to produce clear stories and acceptance criteria, the dev team to test their code, testing staff to be involved with the dev team from the start, and of course have customer involvement whenever possible.

Executive Update

Avoiding the Great App Trap

by Brian Dooley

Mobile app security is a problem for the individual user, for the corporation, for the app developer, for the network provider, and for any software or access point available for exploitation. The seriousness and wide extent of these vulnerabilities define the “Great App Trap.” Without sufficient care, it is easy to overlook any of the innumerable issues. 


Agile Recruiting the Right Way

by Vince Ryan

When a company adopts new ways of working and embeds them throughout the organization, it is imperative that all new employees, in addition to having the skills necessary to do the work, are also either already practicing the company's ways of working or are very willing to embrace them. Without this, the company runs the risk of diluting its Agile "gene pool." All change initiatives are fragile, and introducing additional critical or dissenting opinions can upset the balance and be detrimental to the change effort.