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Make your software, systems, and software organization a source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by constant change. Cutter’s community of international experts provides a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and virtual events to keep your teams on the cutting edge of new developments in software engineering excellence, product management, and enterprise agility.

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Whynde Kuehn
Executive Update

Making the Customer Experience Real with Business Architecture

by Whynde Kuehn

The emergence of CX design as a key discipline practiced by many organizations has opened up some questions about how it relates to business architecture (BA). This Executive Update provides an overview of the benefits and integration points between CX design and BA, two mutually beneficial disciplines, both critical to customer centricity and transformation. 

Bhuvan Unhelkar
Executive Update

Extracting the 5th “V” for Value in Big Data Strategies

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

This Executive Update highlights the importance of V for value in big data strategies. The discussion also explores how the adoption of big data is more than using technologies or undertaking analytics.

Paul Oldfield

The Quest for “Appropriate”: Living with Understanding

by Paul Oldfield

Agility, the ability to change direction fast when change is needed, is not something achieved by training your teams in a base set of practices. That might improve efficiency, but it doesn’t, of itself, give the ability to change direction rapidly. If you need agility, you need people who understand; who understand what is appropriate in the new context, and who can switch to doing that very rapidly.


EVM for Agile Projects Part 1: The Planning Process: Developing the Baseline

by Alexandre Rodrigues

Discover the processes that can make Earned Value Management (EVM) a successful tool for managing performance on Agile projects.​

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Trust Building in Agile Teams

by Rachel Davies

One can argue that Agile methods do not pay off without trust to oil the wheels.

Alexandre Rodrigues

If the Shoe Fits: Applying an EVM Approach to Agile

by Alexandre Rodrigues

In an Agile environment, we are faced with the dynamic evolution of a finite boundary of integrated scope, cost, time, and resources; this finiteness — essential for business management and decisions — is the cradle for project management techniques, tools, methods, and frameworks. The earned value management (EVM) method was first developed to help with managing complex R&D projects mostly characterized by an unstable, volatile, and evolving scope. It is therefore no surprise that EVM applies to Agile projects. (Register for the complimentary How to Use EVM for Agile Projects webinar series now.)

John Yorke

Learn from the Master: Henry Ford on Flow

by John Yorke

To prepare for a recent talk on work-in-process (WIP) limits, I looked into the history of Henry Ford. Ford was one of the most influential pioneers of what we today call “Lean” or “Kanban.” He was the pioneer of almost all of our current industry thinking and was an original thought leader in how modern practitioners put to use Agile software development. What struck me most about Ford was how he exemplified the thinking processes behind the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in most of his actions.

Jens Coldewey

On Agile Thinking and Respect

by Jens Coldewey

Mutual respect is one of the core attributes an Agile organization needs to develop. It is the foundation to establishing a common vision between management and staff.