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Make your software, systems, and software organization a source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by constant change. Cutter’s community of international experts provides a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and virtual events to keep your teams on the cutting edge of new developments in software engineering excellence, product management, and enterprise agility.

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Three Stories About Using Technical Debt to Make Good Decisions

by John Heintz

This article presents three examples of companies that have successfully pursued a strategy for using technical debt assessment as the basis for better technical and business decisions.


Agility and Stability

by Murray Cantor

“Agility” is the facility of quick response — the ability to be nimble. In general, to be agile entails the ability to detect changes in your environment as well as the ability to respond quickly and appropriately. Being “agile” (in the traditional sense) is about excelling in a constantly changing environment, much like a serious athlete who masterfully integrates the aspects of balance, speed, strength, coordination, and reaction to the dynamics on the field. Management has two roles in bringing agile behavior to the organization:

Executive Update

Agile Maturation Requires More Than Just Physical Changes

by Tom Grant

People in every organization that has Agile teams reach the point where they ask themselves: how far do we go with Agile? As we explore in this Executive Update, the answer depends on the strength of the Agile principles — not just in the teams — but in the larger organization.


Agile Management

by Murray Cantor

Cutter’s Senior Consultants are experts in training management teams how to both meet the needs of the Agile development organization and pursue the strategic goals of the business. At the end of this two-day Agile Management session, your executives and managers will know how to balance empowerment with governance, align goals and metrics up and down the organization, and determine the exact amount of agility (or stability!) your organization needs to support its business objectives.


Agile Analytics, A Case Study: Pulling One Field at a Time

by Lynn Winterboer

This article addresses the challenge of slicing data warehousing and business intelligence (DW/BI) user stories into small, business-valued deliverables to align with the Agile principle of "Deliver[ing] working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale."