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Create a Shared Understanding with a Data Value Map

by Tadhg Nagle, by David Sammon

The components embedded in the Data Value Map (DVM) provide a foundational shared language that allows meaningful group conversations to take place; conversations that all parties can understand and to which they can contribute. The two examples illustrated in this Advisor demonstrate how the DVM can help build a shared understanding around organizational data strategies and data projects.

data analytics
Executive Update

Big Data Strategies for Analytics in the Cloud

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

This Update highlights the role of the cloud in big data strategies. In particular, it builds on the characteristics of the cloud and how big data analytics can utilize them.


The Digital Enterprise: Business Ecosystems for Great CX

by Jaco Viljoen

Eradicating human interference from our enterprise processes gives us the opportunity to present streamlined digital processes that expedite valuable cust­omer activities related to our business that ultimately delight customers. That’s the goal of the digital enterprise.

frictionless commerce

Frictionless Commerce

by Karlene Cousins, by Pouyan Esmaeilzadeh, by George Marakas, by Richard Klein

Merchant mobile payment applications represent a first step toward frictionless commerce but achieving this initial milestone has been challenging in the US.

Jeanne Bliss

Transforming the Customer Experience — Opening Statement

by Jeanne Bliss

As you read through the articles in this month’s issue, we invite you to consider the customer experience that your organization provides and what lessons our authors offer for improving CX and making it great.

Jens Coldewey

Agile — More Valuable than Ever

by Jens Coldewey

The task organizational leaders face right now is how to turn their companies into resilient organizations. Though this is a question far beyond the scope of an Advisor, there are three basic capabilities resilient systems need to show: speed, flexibility, and diversity.

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Applying Agile Delivery to the Data Warehouse

by Jan Paul Fillie, by Werner de Jong

One thing must be understood clearly for an Agile approach to be applied to a data warehouse or any other BI development: user value is not found in the application, but rather in the information availability for reporting and analysis. Next to the availability of information, the data warehouse can provide additional value to the user by providing insight into the sourcing of data and the quality of the resulting information.

Executive Update

Development as a Discovery Procedure

by Gene Callahan

In this Executive Update, I wish to argue that, whatever one thinks of F.A. Hayek’s politics, his work has vital insights to offer those advancing Lean/Agile/DevOps ideas for software development. Here, I focus on his essay “Competition as a Discovery Procedure” and note how similar Hayek’s vision for the role of competition in the market is to the Agile understanding of the importance of the “development” part of the phrase “software development.”