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Make your software, systems, and software organization a source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by constant change. Cutter’s community of international experts provides a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and virtual events to keep your teams on the cutting edge of new developments in software engineering excellence, product management, and enterprise agility.

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Connecting Business Expectations and Value Generation Through Enterprise Scenarios

by Gustav Toppenberg

Connecting business expectations and value generation through enterprise scenarios envisioned by these storyboards can carry several benefits that help narrow the gap between Agile teams and business users by ensuring a mutual understanding of the business and technical vision.


Big Data and Lean Thinking: What Makes the Whole?

by Steve Bell, by Karen Whitley Bell

Big data has already demonstrated many successes, and experts assert that cognitive computing systems can actually make the context behind decision making “computable,” acting as a proxy for human intuition. It is that convergence — human creativity supported by relevant information — that offers the greatest potential.


Empowerment and Control in Agile Management

by Murray Cantor

The key to Agile management is that the organization and analytics that implement the interlocking sense-and-respond loops up and down the organization enable overall organization agility.


The Role of Architecture (Planning and Design) in Agile Development

by Gustav Toppenberg

Traditional Agile does not consider enterprise architecture as a key part of the process but assumes that architecture guidance is being provided in the background. Traditional enterprise architecture (EA), however, has also failed to evolve and the majority of EA teams are under pressure due to the increased adoption of Agile within enterprises. Thus, the traditional role of EA has been under attack by the emergence of Agile within enterprises and its adoption beyond the IT domain.


Building the Foundation for Service Leadership

by Peter McGarahan

Establishing the organizational foundation for service leadership where everyone is the customer should be a high priority. In my leadership experience and interactions with service leaders around the world, I have learned that being an effective leader comes down to one thing: care and they will care.