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Make your software, systems, and software organization a source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by constant change. Cutter’s community of international experts provides a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and virtual events to keep your teams on the cutting edge of new developments in software engineering excellence, product management, and enterprise agility.

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Jens Coldewey

On Agile Thinking and Respect

by Jens Coldewey

Mutual respect is one of the core attributes an Agile organization needs to develop. It is the foundation to establishing a common vision between management and staff.

Figure 1 — Reality in project management.

Reality Is Not Just an Illusion: Use a Reality-Based Plan

by Jo Ellen Moore

The philosophy is simple: always seek reality. A reality-based plan and reality-based status reports are vital to optimizing performance in your organization.

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Lean Thinking: The Blurring of Physical and Knowledge Work

by Daniel Jones, by Steve Bell

What do Amazon, GE, Capital One, and Starbucks have in common? They and many others use Lean Thinking and practices to engage their employees in streamlining the work processes that create value for their customers.


The Human Flaws of Technical Debt

by Jonathon Golden

In this Advisor, I describe the fundamental human causes of the growth of technical debt.

Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

Agile: Laying Waste to Waste

by John Sweitzer, by Christine Draper

A passion for eliminating waste is one of the ingredients that bonds the members of an Agile software development team.

Executive Update

Thinking Fast and Slow: Next-Generation Agile Management

by Murray Cantor, by John Heintz, by Steven Sherman

Agile battles significant challenges with management. Managers crave and need predictability, but Agile practitioners are adamant that firm predictions are impossible. Recognizing the need and difficulty of resolving this dilemma, we have formed a company that delivers services to facilitate the right conversations and decisions among the Agile team, its manager, and its stakeholders. Our services recognize that the solution entails dealing with probability. This, in turn, requires a combination of fast and slow thinking.

Dr. Alexandre Rodrigues
Consulting, Workshops

Agile-EVM Performance Measurement Workshop

by Alexandre Rodrigues
Measure and Manage Performance in Your Agile Projects

Agile adoption goes hand in hand with abandoning so-called traditional project management. Yet new projects are continously faced with legitimate management questions. Now you can answer these questions with confidence when you adapt the Earned Value Management method (EVM) into your Agile product development process.   


A Case for Relationship-Centered IT Governance

by Laurence Lock Lee

The IT governance task can no longer be seen solely as a compliance activity. As organizational structures become flatter, and interfirm partnerships become more commonplace, the onus is moving more toward a cooperative approach to IT governance. In this Advisor, we look at using a relationship-centered approach to a common IT governance situation in an IT outsourcing relationship.