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In each free biweekly edition of The Cutter Edge, you'll find research, insight, and advice crucial to helping you navigate the spectrum of challenges technology change brings. The Cutter Edge hits upon all the diverse digital transformation issues today's executives are facing.

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Recent Issues

The Cutter Edge: Business Architects and Storytelling, Enabling Early Tech Adoption, Innovation Model Differentiators

Cutter Consortium

In this week's The Cutter Edge: Find out how business architects play a vital role as guides in an organization’s transformation story, explore the common elements/steps organizations should consider to deliver value to core businesses or to new markets, and identify the current and future state of disruption among industries.

The Cutter Edge: Digital Transformation in Regulated Industries, Transparency: A Success Story, Cognitive Enterprise Vision

Cutter Consortium

In this week's The Cutter Edge: three questions those in regulated industries should consider to help kick-start their digital transformation efforts; how a company established a fully transparent information system to enable company-wide decision-making; and what it takes to become a cognitive or highly adaptive enterprise.

The Cutter Edge: Power of Dissent, High-Quality Idea Generation, Innovation Models Across Industries

Cutter Consortium

In this issue of The Cutter Edge we explore the idea of allowing and encouraging dissent in organizations, four best practices that can help address innovation challenges, and innovation models across industries.

The Cutter Edge: Leveraging BA Visuals, Automating Software Development, Strategy Execution's Secret Weapon

Cutter Consortium

In this week's edition of The Cutter Edge, we'll explore how to leverage visuals to make your BA initiatives more effective, and examine the five technologies that could help automate your software development efforts.

The Cutter Edge: Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Out-of-the-Box Agile, Architecting Digital Transformation

Cutter Consortium

This issue of The Cutter Edge explores a comprehensive vision for digital marketing, new applications of out-of-the-box agile, upcoming webinars, calls for papers, and architecting digital transformation.

The Cutter Edge: Sustainable Agility Through HR, Ensuring Analytics Success for Leaders

Cutter Consortium

This issue of The Cutter Edge explores strategies for sustainable agility, and the technical, process, and people challenges that must be overcome to achieve analytics project success.

The Cutter Edge: Architecture and Toys, 4 Design Thinking Success Stories, Is Software Eating the World?

Cutter Consortium

In this Cutter Edge: Will architecture be ready when our toys come alive? Four success stories about design thinking for digital transformation. Call for Papers: Is software eating the world? Why using a business architecture and value delivery–based approach to digital strategy is critical. 

The Cutter Edge: Agile Reboot, 4 Innovation Models, Digital Architecture Webinar

Cutter Consortium

In this edition of The Cutter Edge, you'll discover some core agile concepts that are being applied in non-software settings, 4 models for breakthrough innovation, and how to achieve sustainable digital transformation.

The Cutter Edge: Playing the Infinite Game, Blockchain Opps, Digital Architecture, CX, Cutting Edge Agile

Cutter Consortium

Architects need to be incremental in their build-outs, so they may win the battle in the finite game of a single capability. But looking to the future is critical for an enterprise's success. What kind of management and architecture practices are needed to go the distance and play the infinite game? Find out in The Cutter Edge.

The Cutter Edge: Agile Leveraging AI, Automation Challenges, Cutting Edge Agile, CFP Industry 4.0

Cutter Consortium

It's Agile's turn to leverage the benefits of AI. But how? AI can significantly enhance team performance with data collection and analysis, and provide Agile coaches with the insight they need to steer team efforts in the right direction.