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In each free biweekly edition of The Cutter Edge, you'll find research, insight, and advice crucial to helping you navigate the spectrum of challenges technology change brings. The Cutter Edge hits upon all the diverse digital transformation issues today's executives are facing.

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Recent Issues

The Cutter Edge: Agile Reboot, 4 Innovation Models, Digital Architecture Webinar

Cutter Consortium

In this edition of The Cutter Edge, you'll discover some core agile concepts that are being applied in non-software settings, 4 models for breakthrough innovation, and how to achieve sustainable digital transformation.

The Cutter Edge: Playing the Infinite Game, Blockchain Opps, Digital Architecture, CX, Cutting Edge Agile

Cutter Consortium

Architects need to be incremental in their build-outs, so they may win the battle in the finite game of a single capability. But looking to the future is critical for an enterprise's success. What kind of management and architecture practices are needed to go the distance and play the infinite game? Find out in The Cutter Edge.

The Cutter Edge: Agile Leveraging AI, Automation Challenges, Cutting Edge Agile, CFP Industry 4.0

Cutter Consortium

It's Agile's turn to leverage the benefits of AI. But how? AI can significantly enhance team performance with data collection and analysis, and provide Agile coaches with the insight they need to steer team efforts in the right direction. 

The Cutter Edge: Business Architecture for Non-Profits and Small Businesses, AI and Agile Teams, Security and Privacy Fallout

Cutter Consortium

Although the values and focus of for-profit and nonprofit organizations may differ, Cutter Senior Consultant Whynde Kuehn suggests that employing a business architecture from the very beginning can help any type of organization avoid challenges as it begins to scale, transform, and improve.

The Cutter Edge: Growing Use of Drones, Why You Need a Semantic Business Model, Webinars, Bookstore Sale

Cutter Consortium

It's a good bet the future will include our coexistence with drones in the sky similar to that of motor vehicles on land, says Cutter Senior Consultant Helen Pukszta.

The Cutter Edge: Six Rules for Managing Analytics, CX Technology Trends, Achieving Organizational Balance

Cutter Consortium

Cutter Fellow Vince Kellen discusses the six new rules of analytics and the technologies that enable them. He encourages organizations to embrace these rules and shift their cultures to ensure that data and information are shared assets.

The Cutter Edge: Improve Risk Monitoring, Key Business Priorities, Ambidextrous Organizations

Cutter Consortium

Tom TeixeiraGeorge Simpson, and Immanuel Kemp discuss how to use key risk indicators and provide a series of steps executives should take to improve risk monitoring ... and more.

The Cutter Edge: Technology Trends, CEO Lost in Space and Time, Breakthrough Innovation

Cutter Consortium

Discover the 7 technologies you should pay attention to in 2019 ... and more.

The Cutter Edge: Cloud and Shadow IT, Merging Agile and DevOps, CX Management Research

Cutter Consortium

Cloud has enabled a shadow IT to emerge. That sounds scary (mostly to IT people) right? But we have also learned that shadow IT is not totally a bad thing, as long as there is communication, coordination, architecture, and governance.

The Cutter Edge: Accelerating Product Time-to-Market, Data Democratization Challenges, Industrial Agile Webinar

Cutter Consortium

Why does it take so long (years, even decades!) to get a new product out of the manufacturing plant? Learn how to drastically reduce that time to delivery by applying Agile principles to physical product development.