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The objective, experience-based opinion and insight found in Cutter Business Technology Journal gives your organization the skills and vision it needs to address the spectrum of challenges ongoing business model changes and new technologies bring.

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March 2015

Value-Added Agile Strategies

by Dave Rooney

There can be no illusions that the transition to Agile won't impact the organization. There will be effects on the organizational structure, hiring practices, funding/budgeting approaches, HR reviews, and more, if the transition is to be successful. Fortunately, our authors in this issue have encountered both the problems I've listed and the solutions to them. They provide practical advice from real-world situations to manage the difficulties you will encounter.

February 2015

Enterprise Architecture: Toward a More Perfect Union Between Business and IT

As with the evolution of architecture in enterprises, accidental emergence was the invisible hand behind the architecture of this issue of Cutter IT Journal. You will see that each of the five articles deals with a very different facet of architecture. While these do not represent the totality of everything needed to make architecture successful, I hope you will see, as I do, that these five are some of the most significant aspects that we need to wrap our minds around.

December 2014

Mobile Security: Managing the Madness

by Sebastian Hassinger

The new mobile freedom is germinating a sense of self-reliance in users. Recent controversies such as high-profile privacy leaks of celebrities' photos and similar stories have gained enormous coverage in the press and loom large in mobile users' minds. They see themselves at risk, personally. This is an opportunity for tutelage that users' employers should seize. Better digital hygiene can reduce risks and let a user rest easier. And it can provide IT security directors with a glimmer of light at the end of a very dark tunnel.