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January 2016

Technology Trends and Predictions 2016

by Cutter Consortium

Technology seems to be moving at the speed of light these days, so we decided to ask Cutter’s team of experts for their insights on some of the technologies and trends that are going to be game changers in 2016 and beyond. In true Cutter IT Journal fashion, our call produced a wide range of opinions on what everyone from C-suite executives to technology managers should plan for as they strive to meet their business and technology goals.

December 2015

Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Future

by Stijn Viaene, by Lieselot Danneels

An unrealized potential to transform existing businesses and industries exists. Many observers have identified a significant gap between organizations' recognition of the importance of new digital technologies currently at their disposal and their understanding of how to optimally exploit them. This signals that many questions surrounding digital transformation are left unanswered and even unidentified. The articles in this special issue help us deepen our understanding of what digital transformation means and provide us with practical advice on how to transform organizations to address the digital world.

October 2015

IaaS: Ready for Liftoff?

by Vince Kellen

Many organizations are still on the fence about moving their infrastructure to an IaaS model. IaaS can be deployed in different models, including on-premises and off-premises, managed by a third party or managed internally, and/or using private or public cloud environments. Which model(s) should an organization adopt? How do firms know if moving their hardware, software, servers, storage, and other infrastructure components to a third-party provider is right for them? Should they consider IaaS only for temporary or experimental workloads? Also worth considering and planning for are the technical/security risks, scalability, and legal/contract issues that are critical to a successful IaaS platform deployment. In this issue of Cutter IT Journal, our authors share their insights on the issues organizations should contemplate before moving to IaaS.

September 2015

The Corporate Impact of Wearable Devices

by Curt Hall

A huge amount of innovation is taking place when it comes to the development of wearable technologies. Over the next few years, we should expect to see some stunning new products that are going to profoundly affect our technology, business, social, and legal landscapes. This includes the use of wearables as consumer electronic devices, as well as in business, manufacturing, healthcare, medicine, research, and other domains and industries. And this is the focus of this issue of Cutter IT Journal.

August 2015

What's Over the Technology Horizon?

by Lou Mazzucchelli

We have gone from believing that no good nucleus should go unsplit to a more nuanced assessment of the pros and cons of our friend the atom. We know that better living through chemistry is not always better for everybody. We know the structure of the human genome, but not what all the pieces are for. And in the world of IT, computers have achieved speeds that some people dreamed of, but we are still tantalizingly far from the automated companion depicted in science fiction. Plus, spam.