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Global perspective to help you take advantange of the opportunities of the digital age

The objective, experience-based opinion and insight found in Cutter Business Technology Journal gives your organization the skills and vision it needs to address the spectrum of challenges ongoing business model changes and new technologies bring.

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Issue 5 | 2017

Beyond Fintech: New Frontiers

by Philip OReilly

This Cutter Business Technology Journal issue focuses on key topics of interest for financial services organizations, namely equity crowdfunding, legacy systems migration, robo-advisors, test outsourcing, and refining the reconciliation process.

Issue 4 | 2017

The Frontier of Fintech Innovation

by Philip OReilly

The four articles published in this issue discuss some of the key technologies that will be of significant relevance to the future of financial services and, potentially, other domains. Specifically, they focus on semantic ontologies, next-generation robo-advisors, tools supporting internationalization and localization of legacy systems, and 3D visual analytics.

Issue 3 | 2017

Business Opportunities in the New Digital Age

by San Murugesan

Technological advances such as augmented reality, virtual reality, cognitive assistants, 3D/4D printing, personalization, conversational interfaces, drones, deep learning, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, digital currencies, new payment systems, and affective computing play major roles in promoting and enabling the next wave of business innovation. These technologies — combined with new business models facilitated by social/collaborative commerce, shared services, and crowdsourcing — will have a profound influence across the business world. Furthermore, businesses will need to cater to the new expectations and demands of the digitally embedded “selfie” generation of customers, while also serving older generations. This scenario raises a few pertinent questions among business executives and IT professionals: Where is the business world headed? How will businesses get transformed, and what new applications and innovations will emerge? What will evolve as the “new normal”? What new opportunities will arise for the IT industry and technology professionals? In this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, we examine these questions and provide perspectives on them from experts in different areas.

Issue 2 | 2017

Information Superiority and Digital Capital

by Borys Stokalski, by Bogumil Kaminski

Organizations that are transforming to explore the opportunities of digital business must find a way to adapt to hypercompetition and hyperconvergence. Information superiority and digital capital should serve as the strategic foundation for those architecting their digital transformation. In this month’s Cutter Business Technology Journal, our authors explore these concepts in a way that gives readers a truly diverse yet coherent perspective on the subject.

Issue 1 | 2017

The 21st-Century Technology Leader

by Paul Clermont

Today, when everybody wants to disrupt their own or somebody else’s business, and new technologies that let them do it seem to appear almost daily, people with the “capacity to lead” are critical, and nowhere more than in the exploitation of IT. Obvious though this is, recognizing, empowering, and sustaining good IT leaders has been a challenge. People who can think strategically about what, why, and how to deploy technology but have trouble delivering it — and the reverse — fall short as IT leaders. Both skills are needed, and this edition of Cutter Business Technology Journal covers them in great depth.