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Global perspective to help you take advantange of the opportunities of the digital age

The objective, experience-based opinion and insight found in Cutter Business Technology Journal gives your organization the skills and vision it needs to address the spectrum of challenges ongoing business model changes and new technologies bring.

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July 2017

The Industrial Internet: Driving Digital Transformation

by Charalampos Patrikakis, by Jose Barbosa

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal features five articles discussing the opportunities and challenges in this dawning era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital transformation, as well as (some) solutions to its likely problems.

June 2017

Leveraging Enterprise Architecture for Digital Disruption

by Roger Evernden

This Cutter Business Technology Journal issue offers practical advice to help you and your EA practice respond to the immediate digital challenge, and ways to begin thinking of the larger future challenges.

May 2017

Beyond Fintech: New Frontiers

by Philip OReilly

This Cutter Business Technology Journal issue focuses on key topics of interest for financial services organizations, namely equity crowdfunding, legacy systems migration, robo-advisors, test outsourcing, and refining the reconciliation process.

April 2017

The Frontier of Fintech Innovation

by Philip OReilly

The four articles published in this issue discuss some of the key technologies that will be of significant relevance to the future of financial services and, potentially, other domains. Specifically, they focus on semantic ontologies, next-generation robo-advisors, tools supporting internationalization and localization of legacy systems, and 3D visual analytics.