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Global perspective to help you take advantange of the opportunities of the digital age

The objective, experience-based opinion and insight found in Cutter Business Technology Journal gives your organization the skills and vision it needs to address the spectrum of challenges ongoing business model changes and new technologies bring.

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Issue 3 | 2018

A Disciplined Agile Approach to Business Agility

by Scott Ambler, by Mark Lines

Many organizations have successfully transformed to become agile businesses. To do so they have overcome cultural challenges, they have invested in their people, they have experimented with new ways of working, and, most important, they have recognized that they have only just begun. In this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, we present seven articles that share some hard-earned lessons from the trenches.

Issue 2 | 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Fear It, Face It, or Embrace It

by San Murugesan

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal examines how AI might transform business and industry sectors, and looks at the drivers of AI global trends and their implications — now and in the future. Our contributing authors provide insights on key opportunities, strategies, and approaches for realizing AI’s potential and discuss emerging issues and concerns, including how AI may impact jobs and businesses.

Issue 11 | 2017

Trends in Big Data Technologies and Analytics

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

In this double issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, we high­light not only the trends in the vast and ever-expanding field of big data, but we also demonstrate the applicability of big data through techniques, experiments, and practical discussions. A care­ful read of this issue will open your eyes to the many possibilities and challenges that exist in the domain of big data.