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August 2015

What's Over the Technology Horizon?

by Lou Mazzucchelli

We have gone from believing that no good nucleus should go unsplit to a more nuanced assessment of the pros and cons of our friend the atom. We know that better living through chemistry is not always better for everybody. We know the structure of the human genome, but not what all the pieces are for. And in the world of IT, computers have achieved speeds that some people dreamed of, but we are still tantalizingly far from the automated companion depicted in science fiction. Plus, spam.

June 2015

Practical Management: Lean and Beyond

by Jim Benson, by Tonianne DeMaria Barry

When we set out to implement Agile, or Lean, or any of the other flavors of management, we must first and constantly ask, "Am I building a practical system that will let professionals produce the most value for the customer and the company and not cause unexpected internal strife? In their own ways, the authors of the five articles in this issue of Cutter IT Journal ask this question and show either theoretically or directly how real systems engage real people.